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Responsive Website Tips 'n Tools

Put a shopping cart or check out system on your responsive website!

I recommend to keep it simple, cost effective to custom build, support and maintain.

PayPal button check out . . .

A very popular and cost effective option is to use the secure checkout systems provided by PayPal Merchant Checkout Services. Merchant packages are available for a % fee per transaction. Your customer can check out securely with about any credit or debit card they use, either inside their own PayPal account or outside of PayPal if they prefer. This gives them the best of both options to choose from.

This method also allows for custom design of the onsite product service pages and sections. "Add to Cart", "Buy Now", and even custom designed buttons can be added anywhere to those pages. Check out is secure and PCI compliant because you are using PayPal servers for that and not your own.

Specialized more complex, expansive or custom shopping carts . . .

Mal'sE is an example of a robust yet very affordable shop cart option for sites that need more.
They offer ...
  • Enter and manage your unique product data on their site.
  • You can export your data to other programs and more.
  • UPS, USPS, FED Ex integrated shipping computations.
  • Coupon Codes
  • Special Shipping and Add-On Cost computation options
  • Sales Tax, and other tax computations
  • Then they total the whole thing up and send it over to your Merchant PayPal account for secure checkout!

Don't put it off . . .

Start thinking and planning right from the beginning of the design stages of your responsive website as to what you may want to promote and direct sell from it. Look at your responsive website as a business within your business. Focus, design and monitor the site to not only funnel into your current biz your typical customers and clients but also find ways to develop new revenue streams too. Begin with your current business products and services and then expand to possible future items. That might be items like those typical fun impulse web offers of t-shirts, nostalgia, books, gift cards, trendy industry specific items or more!

Next up . . . will your responsive website be a "living website"?

Put a shopping cart or check out system on your responsive website.

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