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Who really owns your responsive website?

You might be surprised when you find out the facts!

First, understand who owns the responsive web site design code.

Believe it or not in many cases if you ask or read the fine print the answer may be that someone other than you will own the "code". The absurdity of this may continue on to the text and graphics content that you have provided your web designer or that they scraped from other sites or wrote themselves.

Some designers, design shops and especially DIY design sites, take the sales and contractual attitude that they are the "pros" and "owners" of the site, so they merely embedded your content information in THEIR code, thus the website must remain under their possession and control. Move on if you must but you must start all over and rebuild the site with someone else as the code ownership and content stays with them. That effectively will neutralize any practical use or reworking of your responsive web site should you decide to leave them.

Next, understand who purchased and now legally owns YOUR domain name and hosting services.

Some design company's and even free lancers will purchase your domain name(s) and place your hosting on their server systems thus effectively in practice and often in contractual writing they take control and even full ownership of your responsive website business domain name by registering the control and ownership of it in their name not yours. Later, if you need to leave their service, something happens to them or you have a fall out from bad service or whatever, they can become an adversary and refuse to transfer your domain names over to your control for use with your next responsive website. This can be a very frustrating and severe problem for you, your business, and your business website.

The above behaviors are just plain unprofessional and unacceptable, I created a business model and support plan with administrative policies and procedures that make sure this does not happen to you and your responsive business website.

I take the attitude and the professional position that any thing less than putting in writing that YOU are the legal owner of your finished paid for website and making sure that YOUR domain name and hosting services are all legally registered to YOU and YOUR business is just plain unethical and unprofessional behavior.

I will research, review and consult with you about current ownership, access and control of your responsive website business assets. Help you get them purchased correctly if needed, understood, organized and under your control and ownership. Then I can professionally admin them for you from YOUR ownership accounts.

My simple business plan is to keep you as my responsive website design client and very satisfied website support customer for many years to come by providing you with excellent, timely, prompt, friendly, professional, reasonable and affordable monthly ongoing webmaster level service and support!

You can check out my standard Purchase Agreement and Terms of Agreement to affirm this commitment to you.

Next up ... what are the limitations of most responsive template sites?

Who really owns your responsive website.

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