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What is your responsive website message?

Once you understand and define your mission it is now important to communicate your mission clearly in your responsive website message.

What is your responsive website message?

your responsive website core message will flow naturally out of your mission statement. It can range from simply listing, presenting and explaining your products and services to, complex and more detailed information as to how those items can benefit your viewer. Then, even onto comparisons or information that show how you and yours stand out and perform better than your competition.

The type and quality of your original message and content that you develop and place on your site conveys a subtle yet powerful visual communication about your real mission and purpose of the website.

Example: For some complex service businesses simply providing original, valuable and meaningful industry specific reference material can convey the message that you are well informed, ethical, adhere to industry standards and are a fair and reasonable resource who is obviously able and interested in assisting and benefiting your customer and client even before a sale has been made.

Your message must strike a home run . . .

It is important that in the first few seconds that a new user opens and views your site that they not only find it appealing and comfortable "to them" visually but that your site purpose and your core message is immediately clear to them. This is not normally difficult to accomplish if one considers the intended and effective use of the standard top visual elements of a typical custom website ie the title bar, graphic header area, menu bars, and bold paragraph headers.

This is where template sites often fail immediately, as they go for the "flashy" big floating, popping around, "look at this pretty stock photo" visual messages which are all completely unrelated to your real life mission, purpose, function ie "statement" of what the website is there for.

Next up . . . key web pages on your responsive website used for message and mission communication.

What is your responsive website message?

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