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What are the LIMITATIONS of most responsive template sites?

If you have already purchased or prefer to purchase a template website please understand the limitations.

You may never really own the source code to your responsive website . . .

If you or your web designer used a "free" source it most likely has restrictions on what you can or can not do with it, and maybe even where you must host your responsive website, meaning you may not be able to migrate or move the site later if you find you develop the need to do so.

The code for most template sites remains in digital rights ownership and final control of the template manufacturer and not your designer or you. You may also find severe limitations or impossibilities in updating, re-sizing, expanding and adding more pages, menu item links, adding new features or media elements into the web site. You may also need to repurchase the template if you need to select a different domain name. You may also be restricted either by contract or technical reasons to purchase or use their hosting services exclusively, and so not be able to migrate your site elsewhere if needed.

Typically you will not have much success getting in top 10 SERPs . . .

These sites are just what they say they are - templates. One of the top SE's introduced an algorithm a while back that can take into consideration the website mark up code, this could identify the site as a template site because of exact duplicate code content, then possibly even consider it to be less likely to be trustable for organic SE results.

Lets face it, these template sites are typically purchased for responsive web site use based on very low end pricing, in very low budget situations, who often use minimal "do it yourself" to even scraped text and image content. Then, in order to appeal to the new and web novice they are built around very beautiful flash themes - many are just absolutely gorgeous - however they do not organically represent the real status, quality or long term customer satisfaction commitment of the web business that you may be connecting with.

They often lack the real life business personalization of a custom designed site. Their flash elements are not currently SE indexable. These can often slow the load time down enough that some SE's may leave the site before finishing the index crawl. Many of these type sites also do not conform to W3C html standards which could also cause SE indexing issues. If you take all these things into consideration you can see that there can be some real problems that could develop in the organic search returns for your site content with a template website.

Custom responsive website design is the better way to go ...

The best overall long term solution for a business responsive website is to have it built custom from a blank clean white page using your original and unique graphics, images, photos, logos, branding, colors and original text content. A well built custom website resolves both the natural organic and technical issues that you will be facing. Even more importantly, you end up with a site that is human user friendly. A site that conveys your unique local business image and feel ( ie who you really are! ) while also providing the search engines with friendly SEO compliant code design so that they will know who you really are too and so index you properly to help you get found in search on the web.

You can check out more about what I am referring to here in my custom responsive website design information page and of course in my responsive custom website design portfolio where you can review real life living business websites!

Next up ... how does DRM "digital rights management" affect your responsive website content decisions?

What are the LIMITATIONS of most responsive template sites?

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