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A "real life" mission discovery and formulation example.

Here is one of my own. Over 30 years ago when I was deciding what I really wanted to do next after selling a small biz that I had the opportunity to develop and work for some time. I realized I needed to take a month, to explore, re-center and get my mind clear and in a place to review and decide what to do next.

Who is your target market . . .

I quickly came to the realization that what I had needed the most in the previous few years was someone in the computer industry who could honestly guide me to the right hardware and software that would have saved me an immense amount of time and manual effort. But, all I had found were persons eager to just sell me whatever they had on the shelf without even looking at the unique work flow and data processing needs of my small biz.

Needs and problems are really opportunities . . .

It struck me that there could be a very solid opportunity to fill that "niche need market" for others who were in a similar situation. First with an ethical review process, next, with the correct products and then with good followup support service. To provide to others what I had needed and could not find. I set out to learn all about computers and how to place quality software in the right work place application. It was called "vertical marketing" in those days.

I worked this out into a business mission plan and statement as follows . . .

Example of a "real life" mission statement . . .

" to help local businesses find the hardware and software that best meets their needs and budget and then assist them to the best of my abilities in helping make those items do what they really need them to do."

My mission, which became my function and purpose became their reason for doing business with me as I would become their resource to resolve their computer problems both in the initial purchase and with ongoing support and assistance.

Your business mission should be clearly communicated and is completely foundational to your responsive website message.

Be sure to understand and define your mission first. It is so vital and important that it will most likely help determine the next relevant element of a successful website . . . your message.

Next up . . . be sure to include your responsive website mission in your site message.

A real life mission discovery and formulation example.

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