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Is your responsive web site going to be a living website?

The importance of keeping your content updated, fresh and current.

First impressions mean a lot . . .

I'm sure you have visited a site that seemed relevant to your search and then after reading into it a ways you discovered the information was 4 or 5 years old and was presenting subject matter that was outdated. What a disappointment to find out your time was mostly wasted and you will need to start the search process over. Even worse is when you get to a site that seems interesting and relevant but the links to internal and external resources of interest are returning "no page found" errors. Someone created the site and then just left it there. Do you ever go back to that site? Probably not!

The human factor . . .

Keeping your content current, fresh and updated with all your links working as intended is going to be critical to building a happy return visitor rate and it will be especially important in maintaining your responsive website "stickiness". Whether you build your own site or pay someone else to do it you will need to make a commitment to form a plan to review your content and keep it updated.

Many years ago I coined the word "living websites" having not seen this terminology used anywhere else on the web at the time to help define a concept of keeping your responsive website updated with current and useful content. Whether you are a retail site with product descriptions and pricing, a resource information site or just a brochure type website this will be critical to the long term success of your responsive website. Years of statistics and studies consistently reveal that people will leave and may never come back if they find your content is outdated or your links are not functioning as intended.

The search engine factor . . .

The major search company's know this. They design into their search engine algorithms the ability to determine how old your content is and of course they attempt to crawl through all your links. If your content is months to years old (this can be easily determined by them from the date field on the file) or your links are returning 404's (page not found server error messages) you can be assured it will be unlikely your site will SERP out in the top 10 to 30 organic search returns.

Just think about it a minute. The search engines exist, grow, beat out their competition and ultimately make large passive revenues because they get very good at returning the most relevant and current information. Information from websites that are "trusted" and worth your time investment to review and use. It is their objective to figure out how to remove everything else from their top 30 returns and return only the best. So, current updated and relevant content with working links are top on the "win" list for both humans and SE's.

My mission is to help you get this done right . . .

I built my responsive website support and service program on this "living website" ... "build and support vs build and abandon" foundational business concept so that you can very cost effectively keep your content updated on a "as needed" and monthly basis. A program where you do not need to learn how to manage a website or CMS system.

I developed my unique support program with the intention of removing the hassles, delays and frustrations out of the support process and to provide my clients with the tools to submit their content as needed. Easily and accurately so that I can format, html mark up and post it quickly and correctly to their website for them. I highly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to build a content rich and very usable website that real people will find meaningful and the search engines will rank higher in their returns.

Based on years of experience, I recommend that in the long run, the bottom line is that your original unique fresh and current text content is far more important than the visual fluff you see on most the websites out there. The fancy visual fluff wears off very fast (sometimes in the first 5-10 seconds) yet your current, timely and relevant content will most likely keep people coming back and using your site for years to come!

Next up . . . is your responsive website sticky?

Is your responsive web site a living website?

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