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Is your responsive websites message in the media?

Find, create and organize your responsive website media . . .

Do you have media items that you want posted to the website? Some of these may be your own and some may be from a * franchise, * supplier or even * news specials of your business.

They could be items such as the following:

  • Flash: for web page sections, headers or graphics .
  • Gif: animation graphics, banner ads.
  • Digital Photos: to form a photo gallery, dress and personalize the site and help communicate you unique message, and may need to be converted and optimized for the web.
  • Blog: articles, links, special interest sections.
  • Articles: your own published work, industry specific, free lance writers, royalty free resources.
  • Links: to external resources important to your site and users interests.
  • Publications: yours or other industry related material.
  • References and Testimonials: this has become almost a essential cult element of a website now.
  • Referrals and Back Links: do you know other industry related or trade organization websites that are willing to back link to yours or better yet refer your site and business?
  • Audio: *mp3, windows or apple platform or any other format you may have and may need to be converted and optimized for the web.
  • Video: Open a Youtube business page account and upload all videos to there. Then use their embed code options to place the videos on your site. They actually are spooling and running off of Youtube's advanced proprietary servers using their video applications and speed so you get the best of both worlds right now. You also get exposure in what is considered the third largest social media.
  • Affiliate, Supplier, Franchise, News Station Reviews or Interviews and other Media Resources: I left this for last as this can be a difficult area to resolve (you really want and need to use them) yet they can cost you usage fees and become a DRM nightmare.

Here is why . . .

* Many of these sources clearly (or unclearly) place restrictions on the use of their media. You will either need to purchase the right to use their media on your responsive website or you may not be able to use them at all. To ignore their restrictions and digital rights is to invite possible costly DRM legal problems.

So before you even consider using them on your responsive website you should ask yourself this question, "Do I have a Digital Rights Management release and legal right to use their media on my website?". If you are not sure you should not assume that you do. I recommend contacting them directly and getting a release in writing to protect yourself the best you can should DRM questions come up in the future.

MP3, music and DRM issues . . .

The above DRM recommendation especially applies to mp3 audio, video and digital recorded music. Do not assume you can use the artists work on your responsive website without their written approval or having paid the required fees for that use. There are some royalty free music resources out there but generally that is not the kind of music you were planning on putting on your site so they seldom fill the objective you had in mind.

Photos, faces and real people . . .

Do you have a sign off release for all people (recognizable faces) who may be on the media or in the photo? This is showing up more and more in the news as if your site starts to appear to be making money anyone who thinks their image has helped contribute to that revenue may want to seek "their fair share" of it.

It is probably best to try and avoid this issue entirely if possible. If you can not then be sure to secure a standard written model image sign-off contract. If you have concerns I recommend you see a specialized attorney for legal counsel for your state and country. There may also be para-legal services that have forms, resource information, and referral services that may be of help to you.

Royalty Free Photos and other media . . .

One solution is to use a "royalty free" website to research and purchase quality stock content you can use on your site. They have to deal with the DRM for the artistic works they sell so that normally takes that burden off you. For photos, graphics and images you can find millions of quality affordable items on the web.

Next up . . . compile the list of products and services for your responsive website.

Is your responsive websites message in the media?

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