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Responsive Website Tips 'n Tools

How to use this support training resource.

First . . . Just who is this article directory designed for?

  1. My future clients checking out what I do and what I have to offer them.
  2. A training and support section for my active customers and clients.
  3. It has lots of helpful web design and support tips for any and all who want to add some presence and power to their site.

ARTICLES . . . Why these website "tips" articles are an essential resource for you . . .

There are 25 article topics on this customer support and training page. Each with it's own relevant current helpful information on a specific area of website design, services and support. Every article is written in my own words, from my own web background of over 12 years experience working with my websites and the many business websites that I support.

The subject material covers web design and support areas that are both fundamental and essential to developing a successful online responsive business website that . . .

  • is a one of a kind, unique, original custom responsive website.
  • has a defined and identified purpose for being on the web.
  • has a defined and identified function that it completes.
  • has a defined and identified mission.
  • has a defined and clear message.
  • is built with your unique and original content.
  • maintains a "living responsive website" presence with meaningful content that is updated and current.
  • has a defined and designed "call to action" focus.
  • has user appreciated, thought out, tested and tweaked onsite marketing areas.
  • is user friendly with a strong " sticky" factor.
  • loads fast and is optimized for best performance.
  • is intelligently monitored and managed.
  • has a sound and stable code and technical responsive design foundation.
  • now, most importantly, it is built with "responsive website design" (RWD) code so that the website gracefully and technically renders well in the over 300 device screen sizes from small mobile phones to large desktops.

You can use the menu link article topic links at the top of this support page, moving back and forth between the articles you choose to read - or you can keep scrolling down the page and simply read them in the order presented . . . your choice!

Next up . . . who really owns your responsive website?

Helpful Responsive Website Tips and Tools

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