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Did you SUBMIT your responsive website to the top search engines correctly?

Search engines - the where, why and how . . .

The where . . .

The term used for showing up in the "organic" search engine results is your SERP ie "search engine return position". You normally are considered a winner and in the top returns if you appear in the top 30. That would mean that you show up within the first 3 pages of the returns for a specific keyword or keyword phrase. There are usually 10 separate organic returns per page listed.

I'm speaking of the center area of the return page. These are normally the "organic" returns. The PPC ie "pay per clicks" are usually found in the right hand column and at the very top in a color shaded identified area. The SE's may vary the format some but they generally differentiate those that are PPC ads from the free organic returns.

The why . . .

Well we do not need to say a lot about this! If it's free and people are using the SE's to try and find you or sites like yours - that is a good thing for you - so you will most likely want to try and take advantage of this opportunity while it is here and still free. Organic returns are considered by most web surfers to be "better" returns as they are based on content and not paid advertising.

You will find some major competition to consistently show up in the top ten. Sometimes from real sites and biz like your own but most often from the advertiser "portal" sites created by web savvy persons trying to come up in your keywords and get rich from having PPV ie "pay per view" ads and PPC "pay per click" ads on their page that shows up when you click on their "tricky" SE return results page loaded with your industry keywords. These are the sites you most likely have learned to resist (if not hate) and get out fast. They seldom take you to where you want to go, if they did that would be fine as they would serve a reasonable function and purpose. The top SE's are constantly adjusting their algorithms to try and identify these type of sites and move them out of the top returns.

The how . . .

It is not possible to cover all the areas of your web site from the foundational SEO structure to the 'white hat" techniques of identifying and tagging your theme and key words correctly for the SE's here - it could take a book! This is the kind of service I provide along with my website design and webmaster support services that I can very affordably provide for you, so please feel free to contact me directly if you would like a review of your current site with SERP / SEO assistance.

The things you can do or at least make sure get done is to submit your web site to the top SE's so they at least know that you exist and get you into their que to crawl and index. How you turn up in the SERP's may also depend on many factors outside of your immediate control.

The top 3 SE's are:

  • Google
  • BING
  • Yahoo

Interested in knowing more about the Search Engine resources that are available for your responsive website? check out my customer website support page for current links and info. You can also read related information on my SEM - Responsive Website Search Engine Submissions page.

I am often reviewing, updating and adding fresh current content to this section, so you may want to come back and find out the latest website helpful "tips 'n tools" in the future too. See you at the top!

Did you submit your responsive website to the top search engines correctly?

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