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How do you market your responsive business website to local web?

Just what am I talking about?

Most people think of the internet as the big www ie the "world wide web" and that is true. Yet for local "brick and mortar" stores and local professionals and services industries their best and sometimes ONLY web customer market is LOCAL ie in the city, county, state regions around their physical location and service areas.

How to target and reach a specific regional group . . .

Here are some methods you can typically find in almost every area of the country you may be in. I recommend you review and use the valid free ones for sure first and then later experiment to find out which ones of the "pay for services" fit your objectives and work best for your web biz objectives.

SEO content, meta tags, search engine GEO listings and more . . .

There are also many more methods I typically will take advantage of to help my clients responsive website show up in the SERP within their geographic region that fall in the area of "white hat" site design, web management and SE webmaster tools. These are too complex to list and explain here - could take a book!

Local web advertisements, article submissions and banner ads . . .

Your local newspapers, magazines, community organizations, clubs, sports groups, hobbyists, specialty websites and many more often offer the opportunity for one or more of the listed media. I highly recommend you look around you for the better more popular resources and experiment with them to find the ones that may work well for you.

Local business support organizations ...

Chamber of Commerce, BBB and others ...

There are several traditional local business organizations that offer meetings, support events, directory listings and advertising too. Research those and see if they are cost effective for your responsive business website too!

Next up . . . did you submit your responsive website to the TOP search engines correctly?

How do you market your responsive business website to local web?

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