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Responsive Website Tips 'n Tools

How do you market and promote your responsive website?

Yes, getting your responsive website up and into the search engines is important but there is much more you will want to do.

Many websites begin and end with just being uploaded to the web server and so posted on the web. Some will go a little further and submit them to one or a few or the major search engines to be crawled and indexed. Other's go on to submit their sites to several top search engines and several to many other online directory and listing services.

Be sure to not neglect the proven traditional methods!

Here are some additional very practical and productive methods you can use to promote your responsive website . . .

Business Cards . . .

Simple but often overlooked so be sure to get your responsive website URL on all your business cards

Advertisements . . .

All your printed advertisements like brochures, flyers, newspaper ads, yellow pages, direct mail, car, truck, store window signage, radio, tv and everything else you advertise with or on be sure to include your responsive website URL ie You can drop off the " https://www " now as the latest web browsers are smart enough to do it for you.

Note: This is also why it is a very good idea to put some thought in getting just the right domain name(s) for your business the first time around so you can stick with them and not have to change all that advertising media content and confuse or loose your web customers. We generally recommend getting at least two URL's for your site for that reason also. One would be the primary industry specific SEO keyword domain name URL . . . and the other would be your . . . Be sure to set up, use and advertise all your email account addresses to the ie,, etc. as this continues to promote the real life name of your business so that you can be easily remembered and found in many different medias including both online and print yellow pages and business directories. This URL business domain name can be easily setup to roll over to your primary SEO domain name so that they both work together to give you the best "street" usage and SEO effect.

Coupons and special offers . . .

Use web coupons and special offers on your site to help trigger an awareness of immediate value and a sense of urgency that moves your web customer towards a reasonable action decision which is now called a "conversion". These planned decisive moments could result in anything from a web form contact us submission to a newsletter sign up, printing a coupon, downloading a file, a phone call for info or best of all the placing of an immediate purchase or order deposit.

Vendors, suppliers, business sites of friends, clubs, community, local business organizations, industry specific organizations and more . . .

Be sure to ask all those around you and especially those that you do business with if they would put a "link back" to your responsive website from their website and be prepared to be able to reciprocate a link back to them if asked to do so. These link backs can become not only a source of new potential customer web traffic to your site but also become recognized as powerful "votes" of trust and keyword usage for your responsive website by the search engines. This will help you create better PR (page rank), SERP (search engine return position) and organic web search engine traffic to your responsive website. It all works together!

Write and submit industry specific articles . . .

Write articles of interest that pertain to your responsive website business, submit them to the appropriate online resources and get a link back to your responsive website from that publishers website. These also help build PR and SERP, but best of all might just bring industry specific targeted web traffic to your site.

The above and many other marketing and promotion suggestions, ideas and techniques can be found within my webmaster services that I typically offer and provide for my "build and support" clients.

How do you market and promote your responsive website?

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