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Do you know your responsive website STATS?

your responsive website stickiness can be measured with your site stats . . .

There are many free, subscription based and purchase type stats programs you can implement on your responsive website for good statistical tracking that will help determine the facts of just what is happening on your responsive web site.

Here is how they do that. A good stats package will tell you the following things:

  • where the click in came from ie direct, referral, and organic SE returns.
  • what key words were typed into the SE to find your site.
  • what pages your users are coming into your site on.
  • how long are users staying on those pages.
  • what other pages are being clicked into on your site.
  • how long are users staying on those pages.
  • what are the exit pages of your site.

The above stats can give you a reasonably good picture as to what may be occurring on your responsive website. How they are finding you, what pages are viewed and of interest and where they are leaving your site. The leaving can reveal whether they left on a conversion page either by completing the action or in an aborted process. The pages can then be reviewed to determine was this "exit" due to technical problems, message or offer problems, web form obstacles or possible user disinterest at that point.

None of these violate privacy or reveal any personal information of the users of your responsive website just the technical information needed to help understand the effectiveness of your site. These stats can help you set realistic and measurable goals for your responsive web site objectives.

What is your responsive website bounce rate?

The opposite to the "sticky" experience is called the "bounce rate", which can help identify and define the referring sources, types, totals and percentage rates of visits where they find and then immediately leave your site without clicking into and viewing any other pages.

This effect could have been caused for several reasons, from misuse of or non-applicable SE keyword returns, technical server and page load issues, to primitive or poor visual website quality, or even the websites basic color scheme selection just being offensive to a target market, then onto your content not being what they were seeking or your core message was misunderstood, non existent or very unclear.

How I can assist you . . .

For my monthly support package clients I purchase a yearly white label agency license for one of the best website Analytics programs in the industry. It offers better technical integration with robust live 24/7 access to reporting and tracking features. Read more about my WebStats responsive website Analytics statistics program!

Next up . . . be sure to get some candid feedback and human review.

Do you know your responsive website stats?

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