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Why you need candid feedback about your responsive website.

Sometimes we are too close to the forest to see the trees . . .

Keep in mind that the message you are trying to communicate, no matter how much effort you put into well written content and your own review process, may not be communicating the meaning you intended.

Many times we are just too immersed in our field of expertise, terminologies and developed thought processes to view our word choices and phrases from our customers and website users mind set.

Some good advice is to break it down to it's simplest form. Chunk it, that is, use less sentences than you would in an essay keeping good form and meaning yet make each section short and concise. Place a concise bold title statement with the key thought of the upcoming content on top of each new section paragraph so that your viewer can easily scan the web page too find and choose what is of the most interest to them. Doing this will greatly help to increase your "user friendliness" quality and thus your responsive website "sticky" factor too!

Include a simple easy to use anonymous feedback form . . .

It is not a bad idea at all to build into the site "feedback" forms and opportunities for viewers to communicate back their perceptions, frustrations, enjoyment and praises to you and your webmaster. Allow them to do so without having to divulge whom they are. You will find you get much more candid and stronger opinionated user experience feedback this way.

Independent blind scientific or statistical human response studies . . .

I have found that both myself and my local and regional business clients seldom have the desire, funds or the resources to develop this type of out sourced review service for our websites. It is just not cost effective or practical for us to do. In practice any statistical reporting and most all the human feedback will need to be filtered through our industry specific awareness and my webmaster and design background experiences and then interpreted and applied with a good measure of common sense, along with current web industry best practices insight and principles.

Yes! Definitely get human review and feedback . . .

It is a good idea to get customers, clients and persons around you to take a look at your web site and then listen to their input. However, one word of caution as I have seen this snowball into some absurd decisions that hurt a site more than helped it.

Measure all personal opinion as such and filter out any relationship bias and close emotional reaction that may be there because they know you. Some may have the best of intentions but little understanding of the consequences of implementing their advice or opinion. In a few cases I have even seen where a key influential person may have other ambitions, perceptions, opinions or motives involved that have little to do with developing the success of the website.

But . . . did your site users get your message right?

Most important in this ongoing continuous effort, is to try to find out if your real life users, customers, followers have really "gotten your message" ... the one you were intending to communicate to them. It is also important to make sure they were not turned off or away by such basic things as the general content, web site color or design choices and of course any confusions or difficulty in use of the website.

Next up . . . how to market and promote your responsive website.

Why you need candid feedback about your responsive website.

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