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Responsive Website Tips 'n Tools

How do you develop well organized, meaningful and current content?

In the next few articles I will suggest several simple methods you can use that will help you create your "original" content.

My objective in this section is to help you visualize and create a simple fun process to think through, find, create and organize the primary and essential information content that you will need to communicate your services, products, resources and most importantly your responsive website message.

Understanding and creating content that your customer, client, site user is searching for is essential to getting them to come to your site and use it. It is also the first step in developing a website that will be ranked and indexed properly by the search engines, i.e. causing the web site to return high enough in the search engine returns to be found by your users. This process of getting them there, keeping them there and bringing them back is statistically tracked by search engines and part of their ranking factor for your site.

Set a time frame and a goal plan to complete the process . . .

In order to not get bogged down for weeks and months with this project make up your mind to complete the essential information areas within 7 to 14 days or less. Start out on day one by thinking about and noting what essential content that will be necessary to communicate your site message. You can find my outline suggestions in the following articles.

Be realistic, open minded, prepared to learn through the process . . .

Let's face it. This is not what you do on a daily basis. Writing and rewriting text content, organizing, expressing your mission, goals, objectives, product and service benefits, defining and communicating your responsive websites message by creating motivating content and media is just not what you do everyday. So, this can be very difficult to get started doing and often gets put off. However, it will become the foundation of the success of your responsive website business and so certainly is time well worth investing.

Make it a fun and positive work session . . .

Studies have shown that if you mentally decide to make this a fun time you will be more motivated to do it. Some simple suggestions that I find work for others might benefit you too. For example: if you enjoy a good cup of coffee be sure to put a pot of your favorite on just before you sit down to start the project. Let the aroma fill your work area. Be sure to relax and enjoy the first few moments! Put your favorite music on quietly in the back ground. Take a break now and then and do something to reward yourself for completing each section. Stay focused on creating content that is simply speaking your message to a real person just as if they were sitting right there in front of you with a cup of coffee You can do it!

You may be surprised to see how simple yet important this is for "brick and mortar", service and professional local biz. We are not likely to be branded and well known. We seldom are doing what we do solely for monetary purposes and we often enjoy our career choice so much that we do what we do for many other reasons than the typical "corporate worlds" reward systems. No one else can really communicate that "passion and fire" for us. The most successful of us figure out how to communicate this in our own unique original mission driven messages.

The wrong way to get this done . . .

Unfortunately for many local business websites they choose the fast way out. They look at their competitors websites and try to "scrape" that stuff into theirs. These copy cat, scraped, duplicate content sites almost always cause their site message to become common, muddled and confused. Most often, they head off in many generic, misstated or overstated message directions with no central theme, purpose and mission. They lack real life customer connection and purpose for existing.

This process will also end up a detriment to their responsive websites ranking and so a waste of their time. The search engines know exactly how to determine scraped and duplicate content and will most likely penalize the site or at least "sand box" it so it does not return high in their SERPs if it returns at all. In worst case, they may get into trouble with DRM and copyright issues. Please do not do this. It is not good for your web users experience, your responsive website and especially your business bottom line!

Scaped, generic and even typical template website lack any real "fire and passion" ... that driving purpose ... which becomes the "why you should stay here and do business with us because we love what we do and we do it better" message. When you figure out how to communicate that, in your own words, people will respond. I have experienced that this is one of the primary factors behind most successful local responsive websites and businesses.

Next up . . . how to create unique, original responsive website content.

How do you develop well organized meaningful current content?

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