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Responsive Website Tips 'n Tools

How do you create unique, original responsive website content?

Here's the bottom line on how to get this done right . . .

It is really this simple and can not be expanded on much more than this. Sit down, start with a blank piece of paper or fresh computer word processing screen and write out your very own original content word for word, phrase for phrase, paragraph for paragraph.

It will be much easier to do now that you have brought together, created and organized your primary content, ie your responsive website theme(s), ideas, functions, forms, FAQ's, and most importantly your mission, fire and message into a digital outline format. Now that you have this in a digital format you can easily copy and paste page sections together that fit better that way rather than having to retype them all over again.

A few things to be aware of . . .

Keep it short, concise, clear and personable . . .

One to two paragraphs of concise well formed sentences. Two to three sentences per paragraph are typically the best choice to communicate effectively on the web. People do not normally go to the web to read as they would in a book and search engines prefer chunked theme based content to index and return it more precisely on the topic.

Use bullet lines, headers and short paragraphs. This page's article sections are a good example of this web style of communication. As you see it is easy to follow, find the main points or even "scan" read.

Now a days few read at length. They are generally in a hurry and more accustomed to "sound bites" which we call "chunking" on the web. Adhere to basic good grammar principles yet keep in mind that they can exit at any point they become disinterested or confused

Avoid duplicate content like the plague.

Even your own original content. Try not to repeat the same words, phrases and sentences on multiple pages. Especially, do not use content that you found somewhere. Real people do not like to read the same content more than once and search engines may very well penalize a responsive website in their index because of the duplicate or scraped content.

Do not plagiarize others work.

Please keep in mind that if you have researched your site theme and content or reviewed another persons work or website ... do not copy them. If it is necessary to quote their work use the same conventions as would be required in writing a term paper or public article. Do not plagiarize their work, you can reference it with a hyperlink if appropriate but also be aware they may maintain the right to demand the removal of the link.

Publish only the media that you have legal license to.

Bring to publication only the photos, media and graphics that you own because you created them yourself or purchased the appropriate copyright license to publish that material on your responsive website.

Next up . . . what lights up your responsive websites "fire"?

How do you create unique, original responsive website content?

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