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How does DRM "Digital Rights Management" affect your responsive website content?

The impact and importance of DRM "digital rights management".

Concerning template sites or copied design code . . .

Others may use template sites (or free ware) that may or may not be licensed directly to you for your use and ownership. They may give you the completed site but not really have the license to do so especially if the sales purchase was in their name not yours. If they are unscrupulous they may try getting away with buying (licensing) it once and reselling it many times. That can become a DRM issue for you and your web site when that surfaces.

Concerning graphics, photos, content and other digital elements . . .

Understanding DRM "digital rights management" is also very important when it comes to your graphics, photos, music, media, fonts, java scripts, php, cgi and any other digital elements that you may be publishing or using on your web site.

The idealistic and infancy years of the web have been left behind . . .

Big business is moving in, fighting for and taking over most areas with large revenue potentials. Digital rights is one way they use to cut out and maintain their revenue stream and areas of control. DRM has been used repeatedly in the last few years as the "big stick" that is intended to close the leakage in their revenue streams.

Small business and private individuals have been given specific rights with defined procedures and remedies for the theft of their digital content. The most basic is they can petition the hosting (ISP) service that the stolen content be immediately removed from the web. If it appears rather obvious or potentially costly to them an ISP will do just that (ie suspending the offending website and removing their content) as this can remove them out of legal harms way and defines and maintains their neutrality in the dispute.

Federal and local government agencies see the coming tax revenue streams and massive economy building potential of the web as it matures and are positioning themselves to take advantage of that. We are seeing clear and repeated precedent rulings upholding the "digital rights" of the owners of their material often with heavy fines, penalties or large out of court settlements to avoid the even more costly court awarded penalties. This is occurring not only on the corporate and business sides but right down to private individuals who get sucked up into the process by downloading, sharing and using media that was not properly paid for or licensed for their use.

As more businesses and web users complain about the abuses, scams, spam, hackers, phishing, trojans and numerous other problems occurring daily on the web our government agencies are being pulled in to intervene and prosecute. This is spawning an environment where government agencies are being created, laws are being reviewed, updated and applied with new and clear legal precedents being set concerning all areas of the web with DRM leading the way.

The bottom line . . .

If you want to position your business and website outside of the reach of these negative and possible costly problems then it is really very important that you use only content that originates with you, rightfully belongs to you, that you have purchased the appropriate license for your use, website and application, or that you are using it in accordance to the type of license that it is being distributed under.

For more information check out these four alternate digital resource licenses . . .

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How does DRM Digital Rights Management affect your responsive website decisions?

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