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Responsive Website Tips 'n Tools

What is your responsive websites function and purpose?

Start first with what you already have and keep it simple . . .

It may help to better organize the project if you work your way through the topics presented within the next few article sections. You can start with any of the topics listed. To get going and motivated I recommend you begin with the ones that you already have some current information on. You can ignore the topics that do not apply to your business or website objectives.

What is the purpose of your responsive website?

This is extremely foundational yet do not confuse this with your mission. This is about the function of the website. What you want it to do.

Some questions you can ask yourself are . . .

  • Why do you want a website?
  • What do you want it to do for you?
  • What do you want your responsive website to accomplish?
  • How would you determine the ultimate success or failure of the site?

What is your responsive websites primary function?

For example you may want your responsive website to . . .

  • Simply inform or provide information and industry resources.
  • Become a content rich research information resource.
  • Be your business internet brochure for customer review.
  • List and show your products, services and photos.
  • Create added value and interest in your business or other web sites.
  • Funnel interested leads to your web forms, phones, physical location.
  • Help create and set appointments, inquiry's or free estimates.
  • Create sign ups or interest to join a club or membership program.
  • Sell products and services from the site.
  • If so what type of transactions will you accept ie PayPal, credit card, special shop cart service, order by web form or phone?
Additionally you may want to think about and write down . . .
  • Do you have long term goals or a plan for your responsive website?
  • Who and whom is your target market user audience?

Next up . . . how to develop well organized, meaningful and current content.

What is your responsive websites function and purpose?

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