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Do your responsive website "call to action" areas create a sense of urgency?

Everyone from the smallest web marketer to the massive research and Analytics resources of Google has discovered that just posting your content is not hardly enough to create a customer decision action any more. Years ago in the '90's that may have worked as the internet was new and in it's infancy, but not likely now.

From infancy to maturity . . .

Well, now it is over 20 years later and we have all matured. We are all looking for something more. Some thing more convincing with added value and incentives. Besides there a hundreds of sites we can choose from that may have what we are looking for. So, unless we have felt a "sense of urgency" that this is the site, that this is the time, and that we had better decide right now we are most likely to keep looking or put off the decision until later.

This is industry wide, researched and documented. I have read where some research resources are saying it may take more than 8 visits before someone will purchase an item from a new website. Wow - lets hope that stat is not really accurate for our sites!

How to create a legitimate "sense of urgency" on the web . . .

There are some really simple methods and website features you can legitimately include into your site to help create a "sense of urgency" and value. If you stop and think about it we have all been doing this in our businesses and responding to this same motivation ourselves when we make purchases most all our lives. It is called a "sale" or a "special" or better yet it is now a "web coupon" that you can print out on your very own printer or a special web "code" you can enter into the check out form to get the special discount or offer.

In order for this to be perceived as a legitimate offer and real value it must be organized, timely, well maintained and ideally be a real and valuable time specific offer. One your customer feels is valuable and fits their purchase expectations. Similar to the kind of marketing the big box stores and the grocery stores run every week of the year. Remember the coupon booklets you get in the mail every month that are full of local merchant products and services and special offers? If you think of it like that you will not be too far off on how to visualize and create a seasons worth of special offers to be posted up to your site at the appropriate time. I specialize in creative custom web design and development. You can find more information and examples of onsite "call to action" marketing on my site.

Again "living websites" move to the top . . .

Do you see the underlying theme and best practice principle here? Once again it's the responsive "living website" that moves to the top. Your users do not come back to find the same old offer every month which tends to just deprecate any real value and sense of urgency - rather - as they return they see a well organized - timely - seasonal - urgent - special offer of real value to them . . . they will be back for more!

My responsive website design and support service programs are built on this foundation. My objective is to very cost effectively help you keep your content updated, current, meaningful, timely and alive! I also specialize in building graphics of all kinds, even banner ads and buttons that help create awareness and trigger a "call to action" click to decision.

Next up . . . put a shopping cart or check out system on your responsive website.

Do your responsive website call to action areas create a sense of urgency.

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