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Do you have all the FAQ's?

Writing a useful and usable FAQ section . . .

This is another one of those web "cult" sections that seem to just be standard fare on many sites. The problem I often see with these is that the content was just rushed together and really does not answer or address the real issues or answer the real life questions your users may be looking to find here. That generally has been my experience on the sites where I try to find the answer to my question here first.

It can be difficult on the first site build to know the kind of questions your users may be wanting answers too so I recommend a three fold approach to this section.

  1. Start out with the most logical and obvious FAQ's you can think of based on your current experience.
  2. Include a link to "contact us" or "feedback" so they can easily contact you and get their questions answered quickly. Do follow up and answer those and make a note as to the trends and subject material you are getting back.
  3. Then, update this section regularly. As you discover the material that is missing be sure to ad it into this section. For a FAQ page to be useful it will need to become a "living" part of your responsive website.

Next up . . . successful responsive websites know how to create a sense of urgency.

Do you have all the FAQ's.

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