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Responsive Website Tips 'n Tools

Does your responsive website have message hot spots?

First, top left . . .

Most western English speaking people start at the top left of a page to begin reading or viewing the text on it and work to the right and then down. However, keep in mind that pictures and graphics, especially those of persons of strong visual interest doing things, can pull first eye contact away from the top left and into that other area first.

Header . . .

This is why many sites put their logos and other branding and identifying information in the top left of the "header" area. It is also why the practice of designing and using an attractive header area is important and came into being.

You can embed your essential message points either by slogan, short statements or bullet items and other visual graphics forms into the header area. This can help you gain some initial "stickiness" as if you are the type of product and service they are seeking and you have very clearly communicated this here in the header area they are likely to realize this and stay to go in deeper.


  • A web user is looking for a jewelry site and you clearly state that you are one and appear to be one by your header text, graphics and pics = home run!
  • You are a resource site for java scripts or other technical content and you state that both in your name and header details = home run.
  • You are a body shop and you have pictures and graphics of cars both damaged and repaired along with clear text statements to that fact in the header = home run.

I know this sounds really primitive but browse the web and see just how many sites out there somehow miss this point and you have to scroll down or click around or worse yet "enter site here" through an almost blank or unrelated flash intro page having no idea what in the world you would be really clicking into. That's probably a strike out and the game may be over!

Promo Column

On responsive websites this is the column on the far right side. It shows on most all pages of the website, so no matter what page they come into your site on, or end up on, you can use this area for important call to action messages. It is truly one of the best "hot spot" areas on your site. Note: on mobiles and small screens this column rolls to the very bottom of the page. They still get it when they scroll down. It is handy for them there. They will quickly figure out where to find it. It calls them to action after they have viewed the page content they clicked on and were interested in, so it appears in the correct user friendly and appreciated order.

Next, can your message be found above the fold?

Your core message and the purpose of the site should be clear and easily understood for the group you are targeting and completely visible in the "above the fold" view area of your responsive website. This is the area that can be seen on a typical sized desk top monitor screen before any scrolling downward is required. This is always growing longer as screen resolutions and flat screen monitors improve but you are wise to focus in on utilizing the first 400 to 600 pixels for now.

You can use the area just below the header to convey your core message through bold text, bullet items, well written sentence and paragraph content, your text menu links and the specific visual photos and graphics you choose to put into this area.

This above the fold area can make or break your "stickiness" in just a few seconds. Doing this correctly can mean the difference whether they stay or immediately leave your site.

Next up . . . be sure your responsive website has function and purpose.

Does your responsive website have message hot spots?.

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