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Webmaster Responsive Website Support Services

In a hurry. Just want the facts ... this box is for you!

  • I "custom create and support" I DO NOT "template and abandon".
  • I promptly post your content changes, add new pages and sections as needed.
  • I provide robust webmaster level technical support for your responsive website.
  • I host, admin, implement code updates, upgrades, interventions and much more.
Responsive Website Support

My Support Focus.

Affordable long term personal support is the foundation of my web business success model. My custom "build and support" ongoing service package programs are designed to help my clients get a user and search engine friendly optimized "living" responsive website up fast and affordable.

I keep my support services efficient, prompt, friendly, fair and affordable.

My objective is to take the hassle and high cost out of keeping your custom responsive website code and content fresh with all the necessary and important current content updates like onsite marketing promos, special offers, web coupons, customer testimonials, upcoming events, media, videos, photos and more. I also provide my clients with hosting and admin management services, domain name email forwarding setup, monthly content changes and updates, future web page additions, website products and services updated, onsite and offsite marketing assistance, ethical organic SEO, SERP, Analytics and back link review, monitoring and reporting along with ongoing webmaster level "as needed" on call support and intervention of your unique business website needs.

Here are just a few of the areas I support.

  • Content updating, changes and responsive website services as needed.
  • Hosting server admin panel setup and management.
  • Web form, email forwarding, consulting, reviews and up time monitoring.
  • PayPal merchant “button” check out services cart setup.
  • SSL, Secure Server, and Shopping cart setup and management.
  • Critical emergency intervention, research, diagnosis and resolution.
  • Domain name research, selection, purchase or transfer assistance.
  • Training, teaching, consulting as needed. Also see my "Tips 'n Tools" section.
  • Ongoing personalized webmaster level support based on your needs.
  • Diagnostics, testing and validation, updates and upgrades of website code.

There are 100's of technical areas and details to test, track, monitor, fix and tweak to keep your responsive website running well, user friendly and "loved" by the search engines.

Flexible - Fair - Friendly monthly website webmaster admin support.

Webmaster Level Support Services

To template and then abandon a modern responsive business website is just asking for user and search engine dissatisfaction. Maybe even a major hack or technical disaster. Over the past 14 years I've identified 100's of website design and support areas that need to be well understood and addressed systematically on a technical level to create and maintain a healthy business website.

Practical experience and common sense shows that going into the future even if a new responsive business website is designed and posted to the web correctly there will always be a need for timely effective technical support. That's because many things can and do change at any time - like web browsers, servers, critical software, site code, and script updates, hardware and software changes or failures, hosting server migrations, changes in search engine policy and site submission requirements, and then of course those unforeseen emergencies that require technical intervention, monitoring and followup to keep your site alive and healthy on the web.

My NO Hassle! " Content Update Web Form " Support Tool.

Responsive Website Design content updates, code updates and upgrades support too.

I personally designed this unique custom web tool for my clients to easily send in their changes and updates to content as needed. It guides them through getting their changes to me so that I can promptly and correctly get the job done right for them the first time - every time. My responsive website support system removes the typical hassles, back and forth multiple communications and those resultant extra costs and burn-out so common in this industry.

My online " Customer Responsive Website Support Section".

This is the section of my website to watch for important customer support information about this quarters research, review, reporting, cleanup, upgrades, updates, enhancements and site work in progress. Also, current newsletters going out about web trends, upcoming website features and function enhancements, sign up links to social media, search engine business listings and many other offsite and onsite marketing opportunities!

My online " Tips 'n Tools Training Section ".

I built this section years ago and continually improve and update it for current trends and important info on how to create a robust successful responsive website for your business. I originally built this section for new clients to help them know how to pull their content together quickly so that it best fits the purpose and function of their local business website.

I continually expand this training section with short easy to read articles that are helpful in training and informing you with the necessary information for your business website success. This is a ongoing dynamic process for your site that I am committed to helping you complete. Your success with this continual improvement process over time should help trump your competition in so many ways that they just will not be able to keep up with you no matter how much money they throw at a fluffy template website.

Click Tech Speak for support for simple definitions of technical acronyms and words used on this site.

Have questions? Need consultation and solutions?

I support 70+ responsive web sites that I custom created. I have 14+ years of web design and support business experience. I will be very happy to help you!

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