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Top 3 Search Engine Submissions

Please keep in mind this area is foundational and extremely important to your site. Yet, getting your site listed within these resources is just the beginning of the process.

Responsive Website Search Engine Submissions

The following are examples of search engine website listing services that I can assist you with. These resources can help you get your website into the world wide web mix to build new "funnels" of traffic to your website.

The success of your business website depends on learning how to convert search engine traffic hits into pre-determined call to action behaviors and sales. A very big part of that success will be determined by your unique quality content and website marketing strategy.

Click Customer Support to find links and more info to the following search engine resources.

Top 3 Organic Search Engine Returns
  • Google
  • BING
  • Yahoo

Local Search Engine Business Listings and Maps

  • Google
  • BING
Top 3 Organic Search Engines

Local Community Connections

  • BBB
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Networking and Leads Groups
  • Community Directories and Events

Trade or Industry Connections

  • Local, State and National Sites

Specialty Directories

  • These are ones you or I may be aware of that fit your industry, services or products.

I stay flexible, current and adaptive in search engine and business directory submissions.

This part of the industry changes rapidly. For example, many of the special algorithm changes Google rolls out identify, penalize and filter out back link spammers and bad sites. These sites then have the potential for unintentional collateral damage to your website if it gets caught up in those filters.

Another big change in organic search returns and listings is the latest restructure of the local search return pages that helps to monetize Google Places. This looks to have drastically and maybe even forever effected how the top ten free organic listings will appear on the return page. Most top ten sites will now fall down below the fold and may never be seen by the average viewer.

A brief warning about PPC click type local directories.

Some of these products attempt to scam you into submitting your business name and primary keywords to them (some just do it without your consent) so they will come up on top of you in the top three organic search engine returns. These type of directory listings seldom really help you. Often they can hurt your site on several levels. Some may also request or even require a front page link back from your website to their website with their listing which often is just going a level deeper into the scam, as that link back to them can attach (transmit) some of your home page / website link page rank to their website. In time as many other websites do the same for them that can build their site stronger than yours or any other typical local website, then they can return higher (above) your site, with your business name and keywords, in local organic searches.

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