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  • I buy the best white label Analytics program for your site statistics.
  • It is essential that we both know exactly how well your responsive site is performing.
  • I will train you on how to understand the primary areas of website statistical tracking.
  • 24/7 you can click and review your website "real time" data by a secure private link.

I provide real time data through the Clicky Analytic platform.

Clicky Analytics tracks responsive website statistics

I don't recommend so called free Analytics programs. What is really free in life? Very often free costs you much more in the end. This is one area it could cost you a lot.

I spend about $450 a year to provide my monthly support clients with one of the best website statistics programs in the industry. I send you a secure private link so you can view your web stats 24/7 at your convenience. We can easily phone conference while we are both online and in the program with real time live statistics where I can answer your questions and guide you into the important areas to keep your eye on. I will equip you with the essential knowledge and guide you into the world of web site statistics that help you develop a successful website business. Tracking the statistical performance of your responsive website is essential to understanding just what it is really doing for you and your visitors.

Clicky– Website Analytics Program

Clicky – Responsive Website Analytics Program

"Real Time" Web Site Analytics Program.

Clicky is comprehensive and one of the best in the industry. I purchased a design shop license so as to be able to put it on all sites that I support at no additional cost to you my client. I believe it is fundamental and that important in helping us understand and communicate quickly and intelligently about your responsive website performance through accurate data statistics, so I gladly put out the yearly license renewal dollars for it.

Responsive Website Analytics StatisticsClicky analytics help you track the effectiveness of your organic content and onsite marketing ( CTA "call to action" ) conversion rates. It also has some pretty amazing real time dynamic features that give you very good insight into where your visitors come from ( referral source ), what page they come into your site on ( landing page ), what pages they click to look at, if they link out to other sites from your site, what page they leave on and much more ... all this is available to you in real time just as it is happening.

I have to say that I am really excited about this featured support program enhancement and feel it is the right product at the right time for my support group. I can now discuss with you over the phone while we are both online viewing your today's, yesterday's, last week's, last month's and more website statistics without cumbersome pdf reports and non current stats getting in the way. I will help set up your own unique filtering and reporting as you see the insights and need. You can even download your data in standard formats to your desktop.

Some common areas that Clicky statistics will help you track and review your website performance with are:

New visits and returning visits:

These stats help you get a good picture of how many new viewers are visiting your site versus returning viewers who may be your regular site users, clients and customers.

Traffic sources: From organic top 3 search engine referrals to links you have on other websites or special programs that you may be running with marketing services and email programs, this stat helps you identify what source is sending viewers to your website.

Platforms: This has become one of the most essential stats to track in relation to all the others below. With over 300 different devices, brands and screen sizes being used to access the internet and your website it became very important to understand how your site is being "loved" or not loved by those users and devices. This is especially true for hand held mobile devices as they are fast becoming 50 to 70% or more of all web traffic to your responsive website. The category breakdowns in this stat begin with: Web browsers, Operating systems, Screen resolutions and Hardware.

Page Views, Platforms - Analytics and Statistics

Originating GEO identifiers: These stats show you where your viewers are coming from in the world. You typically will be able to identify the city, state and country of origin. This gives you a good idea of your reach and if you are pulling from your target GEO markets and or other areas of the world wide web.

Time on site / time on page / Bounce Rate: This one has essential importance as it statistically reveals if your viewers are staying around and using your site. It should be reviewed and compared to the bounce rate explained below.

Page views: This stat gives you a great view of the level of interest in your site and how well it was designed and constructed. Higher levels typically show higher interest while lower levels show disinterest or possible missing content they were seeking or would have viewed if present on your site. Typically sites with higher page views, higher time on site (ie = low bounce rates) would be considered better sites to return in the top 10 organic search results.

Top entry page and top exit page: Knowing what content is bringing your viewers to your site, what content is being viewed the most and what pages they are leaving your site from is very important in determining how well your site is working in real life.

Some areas to be concerned about with your exit pages are:

  • Are you sending your viewers away to some other site where they do not come back to yours?
  • Did you break the chain of relevant unique content into "call to action" to conversion ?
  • Are you failing in the conversion process due to an ineffective "call to action" message?

Bounce Rate: This stat is essential to determining the overall targeting of your site. High bounce rate = not good, missing the mark on content, your keywords target markets or possibly a poorly defined site message or website design for the target group. Low bounce rate = good!

Conversion: This is the fancy term used in the statistics industry to convey the process of turning hits to and clicks though your site into some form of intended and measurable behavior. That behavior could be as simple as completing a survey, a newsletter sign up, an inquiry web form, a download, video view, a call to your business to placing an order. This is the bottom line. This is what most every area of your site should help move your viewers to. All your statistics are designed to help you get an accurate view of how your site is performing with this goal in mind.

Responsive Website Analytics Keywords Success Statistics

Keywords: This is a useful organic stat in the report as it identifies the words that real people have entered into a search engine and then found your site by. At first look over you will probably be amazed how different organic returns are in real life as compared to the "keyword" concepts and the many myth's that seo services typically promote. Real people type in just about anything on their minds at the time. They often misspell words or use non industry specific words. They will add words based on their regional, family or personal vocabulary, their own perceptions of what they think the words should be. They may also add non essential descriptors or what are called "stop words" (e.g. common simple words the search engines do not index). Of course, you will certainly want to be sure you covered all your standard industry specific keywords in your content on your site, however, you most definitely will then want to find out how real people are searching for and finding businesses like yours.

Note: unfortunately most all search engines are now not showing the keywords to the public, they are hiding them behind their https servers. I expect this means they know the value of that data and intend on using that value for their own use and profit into the future.

This stat when available will give you your websites specific keyword search data to review and tweak out your real life keyword tracking. If you see viewers are coming in on certain keywords and immediately leaving (e.g. = high bounce rate ) then you can look at that page and content to determine what you are lacking to keep them on your site. You may have missed the mark completely for what they were looking for and so determining that and then adjusting your content and message may help. If you see they are coming in on many different groups of keywords and staying and moving around your site to other pages, you are informed that your site content was meaningful to their search, they find it interesting enough to pull them into the other pages and content of your site.

Click Tech Speak for simple definitions of technical acronyms and words used on this site.

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