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Extremely prompt with updates

I am the owner of Dandy Dawgs and Dandy Dawgs Service Dog Program in Prescott, Arizona.  Max West has been my webmaster for 10 years and my sites have generated a huge amount of business. I am consistently complimented on them.  Max works closely with me to create them, keeps me high on Google browser and is extremely prompt with updates when requested. His fees are more than affordable with the best web service of any.  I would not leave Webmaster Support Services under any circumstances. I trust Max West in all ways to have my best interest in all he does for my businesses.

Most sincerely,

Andrea E. Lloyd (Andy)

Owner of Dandy Dawgs & Dandy Dawgs Service Dog Program

Yavapai College Canine Program Instructor

Communication is top notch

I am completely happy, and feel that I am in good hands with Max in charge of my business web site. Communication is top notch; I always know exactly when new or changed content has been posted. If there is anything questionable he makes sure he knows exactly what I want before making changes. The pricing is reasonable and I won't consider changing a thing. Excellent person to work with!

Tamara Harker

Brown Bag Burger

Prescott, Arizona

Can rely on Max to make changes and upgrades as we grow

Max has created and handled our websites for Golden Bone Pet Products and Golden Bone Rescue and Rehab, Inc. for years. Each website has a very different need, and Max has fulfilled those needs, perfectly. We are grateful to know that we can rely on Max to make changes and upgrades as we grow, while keeping the general day-to-day functions flowing flawlessly. Thank you, Max!

Angela Windolph

Golden Bone Pet Products and Golden Bone Rescue and Rehab, Inc.

Sedona, Arizona

Tremendous asset to our company

Webmaster Support Services has been a tremendous asset to our company. Our overall business concept and initial design requirements were met with enthusiasm and positive forward direction. From the domain name concept and evaluation of alternative search engine crucial naming to the exceptional hosting package, we have been able to step into the internet and compete alongside the Fortune 500 companies of corporate America. We have clearly and concisely established our dominating web presence. We re-tooled our site even further, all with ease, affordability and constant interaction with your company. Your efficient and professional approach to accommodating our continuous updates has proven to be one of our companies greatest marketing strengths. We look forward to our continued years of success maintaining our foothold on our dominating web presence with Webmaster Support Services!

Steve Hank


Scottsdale, Arizona

Lowered my overhead and increased my revenue

My health and life insurance agency engaged Max West of Responsive Website Design in 2013. Over the past 4 ½ years, the steady improvement in our internet presence has virtually eliminated the need for most other types of advertising. Responsive Website Design also takes a proactive approach to SEO that gives me the time to do what I do best. I have both lowered my overhead and increased my revenue through their expertise.

Jeff Wilhelm

Otto & Wilhelm Insurance Agency LLC

Prescott, Arizona

I was very pleased with the work done by Max.

I had very high expectations for the type of website we wanted to create. I was very pleased with the work done by Max. He worked very hard to create what I had envisioned for our company's website. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable and efficient in his work, but he also offered suggestions and creative ideas time and time again throughout the process of adding numerous pages and features to our website. I was very impressed with the quality of work, customer care, and meticulous attention to detail. Max has an amazing turn around time and is very affordable. I will surely refer Max to any business looking for quality web designer!

Jody Tobin

Antelope Lanes

Prescott Valley, AZ

Max is awesome

Max has been my web guy for 2 years now and I absolutely love him. He is so knowledgeable about his industry and definitely cutting edge. He is extremely prompt when I ask for changes to my website and when I have a questions he responds immediately. I was a new business owner 2 years ago and so green when it came to anything techy but with Max’s help and patience I was able to grow my business. I’m so grateful for him !! I highly highly recommend his services.

Kelly Reeves

Permanent Cosmetics by Kelly

Prescott, Arizona

Truly a master of his craft.

The best-looking website in existence is useless if people don’t know it exists or it doesn’t come up during a search. This is why you need a webmaster of incomparable skills who knows how to get you noticed on devices from hand-held to desktops in ways you can’t begin to imagine. Max is the man who can do it all and help you “build your business on the web.” Truly a master of his craft.

Ken Ryan

East Valley Academy Charter School

Mesa, Arizona

Never have we had better service, promptness and creative out of the box thinking on our behalf.

Our company has worked with web designers for years. Never have we had better service, promptness and creative out of the box thinking on our behalf than we have with Max. We consider him and expert on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which has benefited us tremendously. His SEO skills have generated customers/students for our company from both Beijing and Jerusalem. We've recommended him to friends and colleagues....none of which have been disappointed even for a minute. He's not only the best we've ever used for this need, but a man we also can call friend.

Mike Duvall

Academy of Foot Zone Therapy

Enterprise, Utah

Works tirelessly to help his clients businesses succeed

I have had my website MassagePrescott.com with Max now 8 years and having him build my site was probably one of the best decisions I have made for my business. He is very educated and stays on top of the latest changes and guides his clients to make the necessary changes needed to keep their websites in the leading ranks. He works tirelessly to help his clients businesses succeed. I highly recommend him to friends and business owners. He is very fair in pricing and gives great customer service.


Amanda Barnett

A Valley of Vitality Wellness Center

Prescott, Arizona

Outstanding Customer Service

I have been with Max now for over 7 years at Hannon Biomechanics Analysis. He rebuilt my website and continues to add custom features and optimize it. New services and new people within my company frequently demand that changes need to be made in my website. The customer service that Max West provides is absolutely outstanding which is why so much of his business comes from customer referrals.

Patrick Hannon

Hannon Biomechanics Analysis

Fountain Hills, Arizona

Great Website Design and Optimization

My company Courtesy Manufactured Home Plumbing has been using Max for a few years now. Before, I was floundering with a website going nowhere, not being found and generating no new customers. Did a optimization search for websites and found Max. Talk to him over the phone and everything needed for my new website was handle via email. New website was up and running and now I am found anywhere in ARIZONA and sometimes receive calls out of state. Max not only provided me a website to my liking, but one optimized to be seen. My reviews are a testament to MAX'S knowledge of the internet's means of use. You will get great results from the time and attention to detail Max provides. Thanks Max.

Jerry Frederick

Courtesy Manufactured Home Plumbing and Repair

Prescott, Arizona

Can't say enough good things!

Max has been so great. He created our website and it has met our business needs perfectly. If changes or updates are necessary, he has them up and running usually the same day or within hours! He is easy to get ahold of and wonderful to work with. His prices are more than reasonable. Can't say enough good things!

Teri Burnham

Teri's Dental Office Toys

Dammeron Valley, Utah

Max has helped me build my internet presence over the past few years.

Max has helped me build my internet presence over the past few years. We have updated my website several times to keep up with the changing internet. He's quick to respond to my needs and I appreciate his service. Thank You Max,

Barry Weintraub

Dancing Skeleton Foods

Prescott, Arizona

Appreciate how easy it has been to make changes as the site has grown.

Master Max, that is the new name I have chosen for you. We have been reviewing our website, and I must say we are all extremely impressed. The site you have designed for us has really surpassed our expectations. We want you to know how much we appreciate all of your work and especially your expertise. We especially appreciate how easy it has been to make any changes as the site has grown, your technical support and updating services make it easy even for a beginner like me. We recommend you every chance we get!

Thanks Master Max.

Shihan Lori

Shinpu-Ren Family Karate

Prescott Valley, Arizona

Not only been my most sane advisor when it comes to SEO, but a true friend

I owe my life to Max, and so do my 40+ employees. My name is Lyle Murphy, and I am the founder of the Alternative to Meds Center. We are a facility that has the calling of helping people reduce from psychiatric medications in a licensed center. Our competition has been the pharmaceutical industry, who promotes these drugs. So, in countering their drug based mental health narrative, I needed the best that I could afford. Max showed up #1 for webmaster services.....and so that's where I started looking. Though sympathetic with my cause, he was aware quite early that this would be a daunting task. He was afraid that taking on a project like mine would compromise his dedication to small business in his area. Initially, he declined my offer. I moved on to spend way too much money with another very well known leading voice in SEO. The results were lacking, and I had very little access to the design team to make corrections. After some semi-divine intervention and a heartfelt story about us being the David against the Big Pharma Goliath, Max conceded to drop in fully. I received one of the best educations in my life from Max, and his work generated millions in revenue, enough to get us into the big leagues. He got us to a point where we were beating the pharmaceutical industry for their own drug names. After knowing Max for about 6 years now, he has not only been my most sane advisor when it comes to SEO, but a true friend in my personal fight in this lifetime. We were are one point getting 60K visits to the website a month. This has created a cultural shift that has spread to countless people who have found help outside of a prescription bottle. He is a true, unsung hero. I know that this project nearly killed him and that he did it because it was the right thing to do.

Lyle Murphy, Founder

Alternative to Meds Center

Sedona, Arizona

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