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Fair and Affordable Responsive Website Design and Support Pricing

I custom create and support local business websites that present your unique personality and message into your local GEO marketplace ... at ridiculously affordable pricing. After you have reviewed the facts, I'm sure you too will agree that it's one of the best business decisions you will ever make to hire me to be your "go to" web guy. Call or email me anytime to find out how I can help you build your business on the web!

Max West

My Incredible Special Offer!

I will business level host and webmaster level support up to 3 ( three ) of your local business websites for just $99 per month.

That gives you lots of value and opportunity to handle all your business websites or find the biz site that works the best for you. My goal is to help you figure out how to make money on this investment. This has to be one of the most ridiculously low cost affordable packages on the web ... just compare to purchasing normal DIY ( do it yourself ) business hosting at rates of $40 to over $100 and more a month. I include up to one hour a month direct support that can be used on any of the sites in your package so you can get those timely important content changes completed with out a hassle or high cost too.

In order to cost and time efficiently support your websites I need to build or rebuild them into my webmaster support CMS content and code system. This takes care of 100's of technical and user rendering problems that typical WYSIWYG, templates and Word Press code design systems lack. It is much more secure to manage and maintain. It also gives me the ability to custom create and design your website to convey your unique local business personality, message and branding into your local GEO customer audience in code that is 100% responsive from mobiles to desktops. Most local business websites can be custom built / re-built in the range of * $500 to $1000 or less.

Custom ... Not template sites ... Created just for you in Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS3!

I do not "template and abandon". I custom create and support. My mission is to help you GROW your business on the web. Most all my customers have been referred by existing clients.

My first year web services have a comparable market value of well over $4000, however ...

1. Monthly Website Content Support

  • Up to one hour of "direct" customer support per month is included in the package.
  • This hour can be used for any of the sites in your package.
  • Timely and efficient web designer code level managed content updating services included.
  • Your questions, concerns, training, website statistics reviews and much more.
Monthly Website Content Support

That's a $75 to $150 monthly value!

2. Webmaster Level Technical Support

  • Website monitoring, testing and reporting.
  • Business level hosting with SSL, testing, monitoring and intervention as needed.
  • Updates, upgrades, code checks, clean ups and much more!
Webmaster Level Technical Support

That's a $300 and more monthly value!

3. Custom Created Responsive Business Websites

  • Most local business websites ( up to 25 pages ) can be built / re-built in the range of * $500 to $1000 or less.
  • Your unique personality, content and message is presented to your local GEO marketplace.
  • Website code and design that is 100% responsive from mobiles to desktops.
  • Verified clean and compliant HTML code ... this is very important to your users experience and your search engine compliance and ranking.
Custom Created Responsive Business Websites

That's a $750 and more value per site!

4. Search Engine Compliant Designed, Monitored and Reported

  • Google, BING/Yahoo xml compliant sitemap submitted, monitored and managed directly inside their Webmaster Tools dashboards.
Search Engine Compliant Designed, Monitored and Reported

That's a $75 and more monthly value!

5. No contracts!

You start out with a 12 month purchase agreement. You pay month to month on a secure recurring credit card merchant services system. Then continue on monthly based on your customer satisfaction with the proven value of my services provided to you.

To take advantage of this incredible offer contact me for a FREE Comprehensive Responsive Website Design and Support Review to help determine if my service is a good fit for you and your business websites too.

* Call or email for a free site review and quote for custom building or re-buidling your local business website(s) into my webmaster CMS, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, website code and design that is 100% responsive from mobiles to desktops. Some restrictions apply. Very large sites, shopping product sites, photo sites would not fit into this price point package due to the time it takes to create and support them.

With my "design & support" service you get all the following and much more!

  • Custom Responsive Website Design
  • Mobile Friendly User Code Platform
  • Monthly Support Service Package
  • Updates and Content Changes
  • Section and Page Additions
  • Robust Website Analytics
  • Monitoring and Intervention
  • GoDaddy Reseller Web Hosting Platform
  • Multi-site Support Program
  • Technical Web Support
  • Platform Upgrades
  • Platform Updates
  • Feature Updates
  • Code Updates

And much, much more ... I support and work with 100's of technical elements of your website.

My pricing is ridiculously fair and affordable.

Especially for this level of custom responsive website design and support services. You will not be wasting your time contacting me.

FREE Consultation and Site Review.

I will need to ask some specific technical and design questions, then listen closely to what you want to accomplish with your new website(s), your objectives, your unique sections, pages, products and services that you offer, your call to actions and more. I can then quote with accurate details and information your specific website design costs. Most local business websites ( up to 25 pages ) can be built / re-built in the range of * $500 to $1000 or less.

By the way ... I make no apologies for being a “one man shop”.

That is exactly what my clients expect ... consistent personalized, prompt, professional design and support from a web tech support person that they have gotten to know and that they can count on, one who knows their needs and expectations and personally cares about them, their website and their business. I normally support about 50 to 75 active clients with about 70 to 100 active websites in the design and support group. To assure that I can always promptly serve my clients daily needs while also handling the necessary website design trends, cyclical web software code upgrades and daily direct support requests I do limit the total volume of clients and supported websites. I have some alotted time to take on a new client or two, so please feel free to contact me to see if I am a good fit for you too. I will be happy to provide client website portfolio links and references and candidly answer any and all of your questions.

* Very affordable start up, design and ongoing monthly support service costs.

* Start up service requires a minimum 12 month hosting and support purchase agreement. All website design amounts quoted are due with your confirmed order to begin the design project, then your $99 recurring monthly support payments will begin the following month after going live with your first website on a 12 month purchase agreement with my secure monthly recurring merchant credit card payment services. Then continue on monthly based on your customer satisfaction with the value of my services provided to you. Price is subject to change in the future if reseller hosting costs rise excessively.

* Additional Products and Services

* Domain names, some special hosting options, dedicated SSL Certs, database entry and management, fee based shop cart programs, special scripts and software, graphic artist design work, content writing, excessive products, photos, etc, content editing and manual keyboard entry are not included but can be identified, quoted and purchased separately as needed.

* Additional Hours Above Packaged Time

* Any additional hours work per month you require over the standard package monthly support time included is billed at special reduced rates of $50 per hour for actual minutes used. Emergency rush work demands are billed at $75 per hour with a one hour minimum.