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In a hurry. Just want the facts ... this box is for you!

  • I work closely with you to design into your site the marketing features and functions you really need.
  • CTA's = "call to action" = results ... be sure you use them on your website.
  • Your onsite marketing should be kept fresh and updated, my service affordably facilitates that for you.
  • By not using a template site and custom building your site, both you and I much more creative freedom and ability to place, test and develop your onsite marketing effectively.

My approach to your onsite responsive website marketing.

Web Site Onsite Marketing

Personalized, industry specific, creative and timely.

I first ask questions and listen intently to what you want to do with your business website and the audience you want to reach. Based on your ideas, preferences and objectives I can recommend the onsite design features that can be coded into your responsive website to address those into trackable goals, clicks and actions.

Listed below are several of the most common onsite marketing tools that can be designed into your website too. Design features with functions that have "call to action" statements and sections of the page, web coupons and special offers, newsletter sign ups, site wide every page promotional content areas, upcoming events notifications, ebook downloads, customer testimonials and much more. Of course these should be kept fresh and updated on a regular basis so my affordable monthly support service is designed to meet this need. I can also show you real life examples of this and other effective onsite marketing tools that some of my other 70+ supported business websites are using.

CTA's, Promo Areas, Coupons, Sign Ups, Events

Call to Action!

I highly recommend that you have timely "call to action" promotions on your site that target your key market groups with special offers. You can also use my printer friendly web coupons to promote and present your primary products and services this way. By the way .... "call to action" is a term we use to define web site statements that move someone to do something you want them to do in a time frame you determine. These can be as simple as offering a free something for signing up for a newsletter right now or a time sensitive special offer or coupon.

Promo Columns

These are design elements I build into a website that reside in specific highly visible position on your website. Typically they will appear on the right side of your responsive website running top to bottom from below the header to the footer. They are positioned here so that as the content flows down into smaller screen devices it stays together and floats below the primary content for that page. These may contain many different types of creative promotional content and linking. The point is to also use this area to experiment and track to find out what works for your type business, your visitors and you.

Click the next image below to open a new window with a responsive business website that has incorporated several of these onsite marketing concepts effectively into their site, including a promo column!

Special Offers

Specials can be presented in dated coupon format, banner ad, or just a statement in the header area of the website or on the content page of the product or service you are presenting.

Typically the better your potential customer knows and understands the product or service you are offering, can recognize the value of the offer, and then feels a sense of urgency to the offer, the more likely you will get them to act on it.

It is important to keep these special offers fresh and timely. This is why my monthly support services are such a valuable resource. You can quickly get content changes and those new offers up each month hassle free.

Promos, Promo Columns, Specials

Web Coupons

My web coupon designs are highly visible "call to action" tools that visually message your website visitors with "we really want your business!" in a format and method they readily understand how to use and appreciate.

You can have lots of coupons and specials on your site that specifically target key web markets with a call to action for your promoted products and services. I can design them into each product page and/or have them all show on a special coupon web page.

Upcoming Events Page

Events are opportunities to present your business and your website. You should be giving out your business website information at the events you are developing or attending so that you can network potential business back to the specials, promos and content on your site. I recommend visually promoting upcoming events from your promo column with links to a special page on your site called "upcoming events". It is important to give them timely, accurate and promotional information they will need to make a decision to participate in your upcoming events. Keep this page fresh, current and relevant to what your objectives are in promoting your biz on the web.

Again, this is why my monthly responsive website support services are such a valuable resource. You can quickly get content changes and those new upcoming events up to your site hassle free

Buy Now Buttons and Shop Carts

PayPal is still a good choice for sites that need an easy, low cost check out cart option that gives you the basic Buy Now, Add to Cart buttons and a secure credit card offsite checkout.

If your needs are more advanced, you need actual shipping cost calculations, web style promo codes and more, Mal's E does the job well for under $90 a year. I have built several large custom product selection sites with a final check out to PayPal using their free button codes or Mal's E shop cart code that checks out the payment through your business PayPal secure credit card checkout system. I will help you setup and admin either shop cart resource ( also will be happy to review the one you may currently use or think you may want to use for cost, usability and functions ) and of course I custom design your product display boxes, product pages and sections in responsive web design code.

Example:  Mal's E Shop Cart

Example: Mal's E

Example:  PayPal Shop Cart

Example: PayPal

Custom Web Forms

Industry Specific Custom Forms

Web forms are a great way to trigger a contact, desired action, response and just plain develop new customer relations by offering to assist them in some way. I create custom forms of many kinds for specific uses. Everything from insurance rate quotes, body shop estimates, appointments, quick date checks and estimates, intake forms for dental, chiropractic and massage to pet adoptions and much much more. Often I have been given a pdf or standard paper form that I take and design digitally onto your website into a web form that can be filled out and submitted right from your website.

Example:  Industry Specific Web Forms

Example: Golden Bone Rescue Adoption Application Form

Customer / Client Review Sections with your own website review submission form.

I highly recommend you put your customer reviews on your own site where you can monitor and manage them. There will be no hidden gimmicks or tricks in loading PPC ( pay per click ads ) and your competitors links on your bio review page like so many of those listing / review sites tend to do to make extra money on your listing. That is called lead leakage / drainage - you do all the work - get them to look up your business name on the web than the third party that pops up with your listing sends them to your competition. Not good business sense there. Long term it is better to get your customer reviews onto your own website. I have a simple and effective system to make that happen for you.

My customer review page system helps put you and your website in the drivers seat for your client reviews. The problem with outside services is they will own your review content and do what ever they want with it. If they go out of business or change their policies or just lose your reviews all the work you and your customers put into that outside review resource vanishes, but with your own YOU keep them forever, YOU get the content indexing and YOU get "page hits" to your business website. It also adds credibility and "go to" decision power to YOUR site and not someone else's.

Once again, this is why my monthly support service is such a valuable resource. You can easily review and forward your incoming customer reviews from your website to me to then quickly post to your site hassle free!
Example: Customer Review Forms and Page

Example: Altra Collision Center Customer Review Page

Example:  Customer Review Forms and Page

Example: Courtesy Plumbing Customer Review Page

Example:  Customer Review Forms and Page

Example: Radiance Skin Care Customer Review Page

Newsletter Sign Up Email Button

I recommend you have at minimum a simple "name / email address" newsletter sign up button on your website so you do not miss the opportunity to communicate with those who want to hear more from you in the future. If you use a third party email list program I can typically tweak their script to integrate it better into your site colors and design layout.

Contact Us Email Button

The Contact Us email button is an essential option for customer communication for all business websites. I recommend all your contact information be listed on this page too. List your phone numbers, fax number and postal mail address.

Website Article Content Section

Why not write and post your content articles onto your own website?

Both people and search engines appreciate good content and it is well worth your time to put a section together that covers the areas of your expertise and focus.

So ... why not write and post your very own unique industry specific content articles and put them onto your website, in a special "Articles" section. That way you keep them up for as long as you want on your own site while continuing to expand your circle of site readers and users to those who are interested in more in depth information about your industry theme subjects.

Website Article Content Section

I can help you create a special articles section where your original unique content information is posted into your own website rather than some other one that may end up competing with you or sending your potential customers some where else. In the end this way it truly is your content on your own site. You get the search engine indexing, develop the credibility and traffic.

This way, you maximize your return on the time and cost investment of writing the articles. You get the hits and traffic to your own website, continuing to expand your circle of visitors, readers and users of those who are interested in more in depth information about your unique targeted themes and subjects. You also control the internal / onsite links and images on your site that will promote your own message, products and services.

Website Article - Onsite Marketing

I also have built and maintained several large content sections on my own sites over the years. I can also show you examples of client sites I designed to highlight and promote their unique content and message. I've developed simple systems of logic and method to help you get started writing and build your article section out over a manageable time frame.

I will guide you on how to write targeted, theme based, short articles in a format, length and style that typically works well on the web both for your readers and the search engines.

Here are a few quick tips on how to get started:

  • Set a regular time when you are not distracted to sit down and write.
  • Clear your mind, and go into the session with a fun positive attitude.
  • Reward yourself with a cup of coffee while you write.
  • Visualize and speak to your reader just as if they were sitting right there with you with a cup of coffee.
  • Keep your sentences clear, concise and targeted to the theme of the article.
  • Think "chunks" of content. People tend to not easily read long content on the web from a computer.
  • Design your article to be about 4 to 5 paragraphs in length with 3 to 5 sentences per paragraph maximum.
  • Use bullet sections too ( like I have done here and on other pages of this site ).
  • Title or headline your paragraphs so they can quickly see where you are going with the content and skip to what they want to read.
  • If you have more information you want to give them, break it up and link it into other content pages on your site.

I’m here to help guide you to get this done.

My monthly support program is designed to assist you in building and developing larger better quality content sites that offer current up to date unique content making this affordable and practical to do even for a local biz site like yours.

I can review your content and help train you to understand how to be sure you have seeded it with the correct target words for the theme of that article. It is important to not try to cover many target words or themes in one short article. Pick one or two at the most and stay focused on those. When you do the above, your readers and the search engines will appreciate it!

There are many more insights I could share and so much more that can be discovered and done with onsite marketing than can be covered here, so please feel free to contact me and arrange a time to discuss your onsite website marketing objectives, methods and opportunities at your convenience!

Website Offsite Marketing

On the national level

Almost all national level offsite marketing options are limited time window of opportunities to take advantage of. I form conservative, ethical strategy to adapt and utilize them. I recommend that you "test" participate and then review their merit and value on an ongoing basis. I get real life feed back and some good stats from my established client base.

I watch the trends measuring the benefits to the possible liabilities before I recommend them to my clients. I then assist you to get the most out of these opportunities as possible while continuing to keep your foundational website in the center of the activity and growth as that is still your best long term business strategy.

On the national level - Offsite  Marketing

Click Customer Support to find more info and links to the following "offsite" marketing resources.

Social Media

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

Search Engine Local Business Listings

  • Google - Places, Maps, Webmaster Tools, Google+.
  • Bing - Places for Business Listing, Webmaster Tools.
  • Yahoo - ( Bing and YEXT handle their resources now ).

General Search Returns and Business Listings

  • Search Engine Submissions (top 3).
  • Alternate Directory & Search Engine Submissions.
  • ie YELP, Yodle, Angie's List, Web Yellow Page Listings and many, many more.

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