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About Max

About Max West

In a hurry. Just want the facts ... this box is for you!

  • 15 years custom website design and support experience.
  • 70+ active client websites in my business support group.
  • 28 years desktop publishing experience.
  • 41 years self employed local service business experience.
  • 34 years computer industry experience.
  • Contact me for portfolio examples, free consultation with site review!

Hi, my name is Max West.

About Max West, Webmaster Support Services Responsive Website Designer

My passion and mission is to help you create a productive and efficient business website. To help you grow your local business, branding and presence on the web. I have 34 years of support and service business experience in the computer industry.

I created this custom responsive website for my own web business, ie it is not a one size fits all, cheap "template" site and your business website should not be one either. I am the responsive website developer, designer, support webmaster for 70+ local business websites that I created. I have been supporting many of these for the past 7-10 years now. I appreciate the opportunity of becoming your responsive website designer and support person too.

If you like what you see on this site and those linked from my responsive website design portfolio feel free to contact me for consultation and a free comprehensive site review. I will be happy to answer your questions and explain how I can cost effectively design, develop, implement, manage and support your current or next web site project.

My unique local business support perspective.

Having imagined, developed and owned several of my own local service businesses over the years I saw a need in the local web design and support industry for specialized services. 14 years ago I researched and read about everything web that I could find. I purchased and read the big "bible" books on HTML code, design, scripts and much more. I "hands on" educated myself with my own websites finding out what works best and how to get the job done systematically correct within industry standards. In the process I developed the tools, skills and design shop systems to cost effectively help local business enter and establish a professional presence on the web. Soon other local businesses that needed sites wanted my help and I began to grow my new web biz. I brought along the skill sets I had developed in the desktop publishing industry as an added value that my clients appreciate. I now have 40 years of self employed business experience that helps me understand what you are wanting and need to accomplish with your business and website.

My "common sense" objective.

To eliminate the hassles, poor service, time delays, high costs, sales tech "myth & hype" that so often surrounds the web industry and just get the job done right for you. I want to keep you as a client for many years to come based on my performance. I won't waste your time and dollar investments in my service.

My "build and support" mission.

I expect to continue to re-design, create, develop, update, upgrade, maintain, admin and support your responsive website so that you are free to focus on your primary business objectives and work flow where you are the most likely to make your exponential income revenue.

I developed a "build and support" system as compared to the typical "template and abandon" web design shop model.

Send your content to: Max West, Webmaster Support Services Responsive Website Designer

All I ask of you is too sit down with a cup of coffee or tea (so you are relaxed and speaking naturally as if the person you are talking to is at the table with you) and write out in your own words the original unique text content needed to communicate your business passion, mission, message, products, services. Then pull together your media items: logos, photos, brochures, videos, pdf's and send them to me.

I will take it from there creating your custom responsive website from your very own content. Pulling colors and tones from your logo and other images provided. I created a Tips 'n Tools Training section on this site with short easy to read articles that will help guide you through the creation process.

I embrace two very important visual image statements in my life and business ... "make it happen" and "consider it done".

My local business "home town" responsive website design style.

I focus on building personalized custom responsive local business web sites from your original text, logo, graphic and photo content. They then become unique in visual appearance presenting your own "home town - brick and mortar - real life” local business message to them. I'm no Norman Rockwell but I see the value of his insight in visually relating to your home town community. I do build your site from a blank page (no templates!) using my years of experience to create a good looking, professional business website. It functions with proven foundational "user friendliness", conversion potential, search engine friendly code with search engine compliant presentation format. You can read more about my custom responsive website design style so you can weigh the advantages this will give your responsive business website.

My "very simple" business plan.

I want you to be a very happy and satisfied customer. One who will be with me for many years to come based on my performance and not a contract. A client who values the personalized month to month professional services that I will provide you and your web business over the years ahead. I hope that you too will get to know and appreciate the fact you now have a responsive website support service business friend who sincerely wants to see your web business continually succeed and grow, a vendor partner who will always do my best to see that objective accomplished. This is a sincere "win - win" business plan.

Some background on my passion, purpose and mission.

My career background and work skills history.

  • 15 years custom website design, webmaster, hosting support experience.
  • 300+ custom local business website creations of all sizes and types.
  • 70+ client active client websites in my support business group.
  • 28 years desktop publishing experience.
  • 34 years computer OS, software and hardware build, install, trouble shooting, support experience.
  • 7 years LAN system admin experience (Comptia® A+ and Network+ Certified Tech).
  • 41 years self employed local service business experience.
  • 5 successful small business service startups in my lifetime.

I was there to help facilitate SOHO business first entry and use of the world wide web when the internet arrived and began to become popular in the mid 1990's. I have great memories of onsite service calls setting up local business internet connections on dial up modems, AOL and Yahoo accounts, trouble shooting modems, routers, email, scanner and printer problems and much more for some of the first businesses in my home town area going online to sell products and services on the web. What a great time to get started and some wonderful memories of that era.

I have a lifetime (40 years!) of self employed service business experience, with 34 of those being in the computer industry. I have been self employed most all my adult life. I love it. It is one of my major passions. It fits my life purpose well. I've had the good fortune to perceive niche markets that are not being serviced well or with value. Through hard work, learning to listen and adapt to the needs of my customers, along with relentless perseverance, turning those opportunities into an established valued business ... five of them in my lifetime to date.

Responsive Website Designer

For the past decade I have been providing website design, development, hosting and support services to local "home town" businesses, with the objective of helping them affordably develop and maintain their presence on the local web ... helping then show up to compete with the national big money big box companies.

Why focus on service and support to local "home town" business?

Well first of all ... that is exactly what and who I am too. This is my life experience. This is what I understand and know how to create. Lets face it, we are often the most over-charged, under-appreciated and under-serviced business groups in the country. However, we are also the backbone of the American economy and the local communities we serve. My mission is to fill that missing service and value gap. To provide the best in affordable and effective personalized web services to you. To help you continually develop and adapt your business website to show up and compete with the "big box" competition on the web. I now have 14 years web development experience doing this, with 70+ active local business websites in my business support group at this time and I have room for a few more! I would recommend that you check out my references, my responsive web design portfolio work, then research this a bit further if needed to find out if "you and I" are a good fit too.

Why share all the above?

I wanted you to know that I am passionate about what I do and why I do it. I learned years ago as a young business man to seek out and find what I love to do, go with that and do that well, with all my heart, mind and body. Serving others, creating value, building systems, solving problems, removing the hype and hassles from the mix for my clients gets me into the "flow". Fascinating, that is where the income begins to flow from too ... that energy and experience. Well, it's been that way for me with the five local service businesses I took the opportunity to commit to develop and it looks like the best was saved for last!

A few of my other passions.

Most my time is spent designing, supporting and improving mobile friendly responsive websites. However, when I am not doing that I do find time in my life for my other passions ... Latin Bossa Salsa style conga community drumming, hiking the awesome forest service trails in northern Arizona with Zen my good fun buddy, always growing, learning, playing, loving everyone and everything, gentle giant Pyrenees and of course getting in a good workout in my home gym.


Zen, 130-140lb Pyrenees Mountain Dog

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